Patiently awaiting an empty nest and a full garage
Patiently awaiting an empty nest and a full garage

So my wife comes home from Costco with four autographed copies of Ben Carson's "I-wanna-run-for-Prez-so-here" books that politicians so annoyingly publish whenever they are desperately trying to resisting the prompting of friends and admirers to run for the office. Dr. Carson was there and she was waiting for a prescription to be filled so ...

"I got 4 so we could give 3 as gifts!" she says.

Fuck. Seriously?

I am not ashamed to say I lean politically Left, primarily because the Republican Party has a purity test for its politicos that they be "pure conservatives" and be socially conservative as well as fiscally so. That's where they fundamentally lose me. This guy is a product of that nonsense. First, he doesn't believe in Marriage Equality. While that position goes against my grain, I am utterly offended whenever a Man of Science (he is a surgeon) does not believe in Evolution. And he does not. For an educated person to truly have that position they ... well, they just can't. They can't because it's intellectually dishonest. The only educated people that say they have this position are lying because they are Republican politicians trying to appear to be "pure" conservatives because they are afraid that anything else will not get you past the primaries anymore.


So he's basically the next Herman Cain who's gonna get a bunch of attention on Fox, raise a bunch of money, have all this ^^^ revealed to and discussed by moderates, upon which time he flames out into the obscurity in which he belongs ... At which time I will have four of his autographed books. Because there is no way I would ever give one as a gift.

Thanks, Honey!

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