Patiently awaiting an empty nest and a full garage
Patiently awaiting an empty nest and a full garage

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3:45 PM
Save File this one under: "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

3:51 PM

My son's band was selected to be the newest house band for House of Blues, San Diego! How cool is that?! They are all 17 and younger. Pretty sure they are the only band at HOB who aren't old enough to hang out when they aren't playing.

6:20 PM

Went to look a a project-y '54 Fairlane sedan I saw on CL today. My son needs a first car. Some surface rust and assembly to deal with bit not bad for $2600. Then the guy says, "I should show you my '55." Me: "Okay, love to see it if you don't mind." For less project-y. Two-tone is great shape. All trim present and

7:40 PM

No you fucking DON'T love cars, CAMP9. No one who truly love cars would EVER FUCKING SAY THAT. TGUSA is still a goddam car show and is a FAR better option than most on TV the likes of us.

2:21 PM

So, what's new Oppo? I spent the weekend laboring on a home improvement project and it seems some happenings happened while I was tuned out. Something about some Packers sent packing and the discovery of a new evolution of some kind of ray that apparently stings?